Prosperity Tips

“God gives the gifts where He finds the vessel empty enough to receive them.”

~ C.S. Lewis ~


Here are some tips that help me prosper in addition to prayer and believing God/J.  I hope they are helpful for You, too.

1) Speak God’s/J’s favor over every area of your life, including health and finances.  A preacher I really enjoy said that Jesus told us that the mountain will obey our command if we tell it to move to the sea.  Speak God’s/J’s favor over the mountains to turn them into molehills, and manifest God’s/J’s abundance and prosperity in every area of life.

2) Write “8” on a piece of paper and put it in the center of your bills in your wallet with the “8” facing forward.  “8” represents prosperity.  Have everyone in the household do it with their wallets as well.  Do this, also, with the cash drawer for your business and just notice what happens, also works for your extra cash, it works great for your social media income as this is one of the most popular extra money people are making right now. Also if you have your social media and it has been hard to monetize it, in you can find tools to improve your platform to get more followers and views to improve your goals !

Be sure your wallet and cash drawer are in good condition.  Keep your currency and credit cards organized and straight, and keep your wallet  and drawer clean of receipts and learn how to be successful in an online business and keep the same tips as with your personal finances.

3) Label all files/documents/spreadsheets, etc. related to finances and invoices with words like “abundance”, “prosperity” and the like.  Replace the words “paid” and “payment” with a word like “recompense”.

4) Completely eradicate the word “spend” from your vocabulary, and replace it with the word “invest” even if it seems unnatural at first.   This includes referring to money, time or anything else.

5) Write “Thank You” in the memo of line of each check and online submission.  It reflects gratitude, which stimulates positive energy.

6) Feng shui – There are many books available with helpful information.  Determine your “kua” number and, if nothing else, be sure your head faces in your best direction while sleeping.  I made this change in my own life a few months ago and began noticing a positive difference.  Calculate your “kua” number here…

7) Visualize and claim for yourself what You desire to receive.  Remember your focus determines your results.

©2011 Susan Stackpole

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