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Choose Wisely



Please watch these videos. Thank You.

The truth about chick hatcheries.

The truth about KFC.

The truth about farming.

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“Choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.”

~ Grail Knight, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Congratulations on your willingness to educate yourself about the truth about what really goes on the farming industry.  You may be asking yourself after watching these videos, “What can I do?  How can I help?”   The answer is simple.  Choose wisely.  Choose Love.

“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a vegetarian and almost complete vegan and have been for many years.  People always seem to be astonished and full of questions when they discover my choice, asking me, “How do you get your protein?  What do You eat?” and so on.  I gladly share with them the story of how I came to be vegetarian and why I continue to be today.  Their eyes widen with amazement and surprise as I share with them information about the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits, the truth about the animal industry, and tips to top health, some of which I am sharing with You today.

I changed my diet in response to some health issues as an alternative to medication.  I transformed my diet from meat, enriched flour products, and sugar to fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  It initially felt like going to the gym after not having been for a while.  I was retraining my body and mind, which meant consciously choosing what was best for me, even if it didn’t “feel” right in the moment.  I eventually began experiencing the benefits, and my lifestyle choice became a natural way of being.  The results were surprisingly positive.  I felt full more often, had more energy, exercised more, slept more deeply, and my cholesterol and weight were lower and healthier.  My thoughts were clearer, and my mood was happier. I was literally a new person.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


“We are what we eat” is truer than most realize.  The body constantly creates and replenishes cells, tissues, etc., and the nutrition with which is supplied is the building block of every cell in the body.  The increase in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc., is directly connected to the increased consumption of processed food and sugar.  The body and mind “learn” behaviors they are taught, including “liking” certain foods because it is all they know.  “Comfort food” is aptly named because it feels good and tastes good to eat emotionally and physically.  Food can easily cross from being a source of nutrition to an addiction, making it even more crucial to create healthy, nurturing menus.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?  The Princeton Dictionary describes a vegetarian as an “eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products.”  Vegan is described by The Princeton Dictionary as “a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all.”   There is a certain stigma attached to being vegetarian and vegan that will hopefully disappear the more people begin to experience the associated benefits.  People tend to associate their identity with their body and the food they consume, which is why topics on fitness, health, and nutrition are more popular than ever.


“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”  ~ Buddha


There is a tremendous amount of information about the health and humanitarian benefits of being vegetarian and vegan.  Physicians including Dr. Memit Oz and Dr. Gary Null are increasingly encouraging vegetarianism and veganism.  Dr. Gary Null has helped alleviate arthritis, cancer, and similar issues simply by helping people consume healthy, nutrition food in the proper combination.  Powerful, successful, wealthy individuals including, Paul McCartney, vegetarian, and Russell Simmons, vegan are adamant about animal rights.

Russell Simmons shares very potent points for his choosing a vegan lifestyle…

“The more I opened myself up to the idea of the full scope of exactly what non-violence translates to, the less interested I became in consuming the energy associated with the flesh of an animal that only knew suffering in his/her life and pain and terror in its death. The more I learned about factory farming and the cruelty animals raised for food must endure before they are led (or dragged) to slaughter, the more I realized that I could not, in good conscience, be a contributor to such violence.   …Being a thoughtful vegan makes our time on this Earth more peaceful and joyous, because you get to have a hand in promoting and increasing the happiness, good health and well-being of others — both animal and human — rather than being an instrument of their suffering and death. …The impact on the Earth from eating meat is mind-blowing. Every year in the U.S., more than 27 billion animals are slaughtered for food. Meat consumption is poisoning and depleting our potable water, land and pure, clean air. More than half of the water used in the United States today goes to animal agriculture, and since animals on factory farms produce 130 times more waste than the human population, the result is polluting our waterways. Animal excrement emits gases, such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which poison the air around farms, as well as methane and nitrous oxide, all resulting in the number one cause of global warming.” ~ Russell Simmons  (Read more:

Paul McCartney reveals the epiphany that led him to becoming vegetarian.

“Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, “I am killing him – all for the passing pleasure it brings me.”  Something inside me clicked.  I realised as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was important to him as mine is to me.” ~ Paul McCartney  (Read more:

Other famous vegetarians and vegans include:  Kristin Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Tobey Maguire, Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Prince, Alicia Silverstone, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and more.  (Read more:

Alicia Silverstone shares, My body has never felt better and my taste buds have been opened up to a whole new world. It’s one of the most rewarding choices I’ve ever made and I invite you to join me in living a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle. …Going vegan is the single best thing I’ve done in my life. I am so much happier and more confident. I made a decision based on my moral beliefs. (Read more:

Prince refrains from cursing and “eating anything with parents” because he believes, “Thou shalt not kill means just that!”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi


Please consider that Paul McCartney, Russell Simmons and many other creative, successful, talented individuals who have traveled the world over chooses vegetarianism and veganism.  Please remember the images and information You have seen and read here.  May the images of these animals remain foremost in your mind especially in the dairy and butcher sections of the grocery store and when viewing a restaurant menu.  May You be inspired to choose fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains.  May You choose compassion and kindness toward all living creatures.  May You choose to be the solution.

I am choosing Love.  How about You?



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“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Additional Information…

Do You know that…
– red meat is a factor in many diseases, including heart disease, the number one issue for women
– dairy products, including eggs, milk, and cheese line the inside of the stomach preventing full digesting and absorption of vital nutrients
– some beans, nuts, and vegetables have more protein than meat
– cravings are the body crying out for appropriate nutrition
– sleep and water are key ingredients that actually help reset your body
– drinking more water, adding a salad to your main meals, and choosing mixed nuts instead of chips help You feel full, digest more fully, and have more energy

Please visit the following websites to support animal rights

Please visit the following websites to begin making healthy choices…

I have incorporated the following into my lifestyle, which have been very helpful in supporting healthy cell function.  Perhaps it will helpful for You, too.
– body scrubs and wraps – skin is exfoliated and then wrapped in a mineral solution to promote healthy cell function – check your local spa for more information
– Dr. Natura internal cleanse – a cleaner digestive tract encourages optimum digestion –
– vitamins –, green vibrance –
– healthy heart, joints, liver – CoQ10 –;turmeric supreme
– detox – chlorophfresh –; grapefruit seed extract –;  jarro-dophilus –; spirulina –; yeast cleanse –


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