Susan Stackpole, The HeartSong Alchemist™, is:
– accredited results expert
– Applaud Women’s Magazine featured guest
– BS Business Administration Marketing recipient
– Dale Carnegie Human Relations Award recipient
– Dale Carnegie Special Achievement Award recipient
– FWI certified transformational specialist
– IHA certified hypnotist
– National Association of Professional Women’s Who’s Who member
– The Simplicity Code™ creator
– ULC honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD)
– ULC honorary Doctor of Metaphysics (DM)
– ULC ordained minister
– Women of Distinction Magazine featured guest
– YOUnique!™ International creator and founder
…and more

Susan Stackpole, The HeartSong Alchemist™, author & founder of The Simplicity Code™ and The Ten Minute True You Miracle™, is a highly-sought celebrity coach, noted results expert, popular radio show host, and more. She enjoys mentoring youth and her expanding coaching practice includes: artists, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, VIPs, and more. Susan is currently writing her first book and composing her first original album.

Susan is the #1 certified coach, certified kensho coach™, creative consultantresults educator, and self-development expert featured on news, radio, and television.  Susan helps celebrities, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, families, VIPs, and people of all ages and walks of life turn dreams into reality.   Susan has studied and taught personal development and results achievement for over fifteen years.  Susan has received numerous awards for outstanding achievement including being the recipient of the Dale Carnegie Special Achievement and Human Relations Awards.  She has worked with top teachers in human behavior and self-development and is a natural leader, mentor, and teacher, incorporating everything from ancient spiritual laws to quantum physics in motivating clients to passionately live every day.  You’ll quickly discover Susan goes above and beyond to help you achieve happiness and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Susan’s intuitive gift appeared early on when peers, parents,  and teachers regularly sought her advice.  She had an inner knowing about them without being told.  The phenomenon continued into adulthood as colleagues, family and friends requested her her counsel regarding life issues and decisions.  Susan’s spiritual intelligence and intuition were greatly heightened after her restoration to health following several life-altering incidents.  Various coaches and healers inspired Susan to embark on a profound journey of self-exploration from which she emerged with great awareness, joy, and peace.  She was divinely instructed to activate Truth and guide people to live in Love while celebrating their unique purpose.  Susan gratefully believes she is blessed to bless others and is committed to helping people recognize their inner magnificence and motivating them in sharing their good fortune with others.

Susan’s creative talent and love for performing revealed itself at age six with her first performance in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.  Her passion for performing continued in choir and various dramatic and musical productions.  She went on to be an actress, model, and singer participating in feature films, print ads, and international musical ensembles.  Susan sings jazz and country, plays guitar and piano, and composes instrumental pieces in addition to writing original songs.  She is currently composing her first album.

Susan’s writing talent emerged early on when her teacher included a moving story Susan had written in the annual holiday pageant.  She went on to win several poetry contests and write for various publications.  Susan’s most recent articles can be found on IndianTVToday.com.  She is currently authoring her first book.

Susan is  living her destiny by passionately helping people recognize the magnificence within and is beautifully coloring the world with her artistry.  Susan encourages kindness toward people, animals, and the environment and believes Love is the catalyst for miracles.  She advocates everyone “pray it forward” in order to create positive change and encourage empathy and gratitude in the world.  Susan’s star is on the rise, and she is definitely one to watch in the coming year.

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Susan Stackpole – renaissance woman, self development coach, results expert, motivational speaker, and entertainer, specializes in empowering individuals to achieve extraordinary results through heightened self-awareness.

Susan the celebrity coach™ helps top entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and people worldwide live their best lives.  She is a firm believer of the starlight inside everyone.  Susan teaches people to maximize potential and engage “star power” to shine brightly and “live the dream”.

Susanactress, model, radio personality, and singer/songwriter. She has worked in print-ads, feature films, and musical productions. She is currently performing and composing original material for her first album.

Susanradio host for YOUnique! Life Starring YOU! , broadcasting internationally to hundreds of thousands of listeners in 100+ nations.  Tune in as Susan interviews dynamic experts, who reveal secrets to manifesting destiny in style.

Susan – youth mentor for at-risk” teens with I Could Be.  She is passionate about inspiring children, tweens, teens, and adults and helping them recognize their own brilliance.


“Love answers all things.”

~ Susan Stackpole ~

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