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The Power of Love

The Power of Love

“Why dream on a dream that burns me?
Why dream on a dream expired?
I’m told this dream returns,
But lately I’m so tired.”

~ Susan Werner, “Through the Glass”

The scales have fallen from my eyes after what seems like several lifetimes of tremendous challenges.  My heart is renewed, and my spirit is a bit more resilient and wiser for the wear.  I’m brought to my knees by the realization of the beautiful gift God has given me, given everyone, in Love.  Love is the very fiber of everything in creation.  It’s also the most powerful force in the universe.  Love saves.  Love heals.  Love renews.  Love is the catalyst for every miracle.  Love is powerful beyond measure – with it, we are everything, and without it, we are nothing.

In my world, Music and Love are synonymous, as I believe Music expresses Love in a uniquely intimate way.  My deepest and most meaningful relationships connect through a common passion for the creative arts, especially Music.  I feel artists of the world share an unspoken understanding, as music comforts, inspires, revives faith, and motivates to keep moving forward even in the bleakest of times.  It’s a spectacular vehicle in which we express Love to one another, uniting people from all walks of life in a singular peaceful, celebratory moment.  Music confirms for me with absolute certainty how real God is and how much we are Loved.

Growing up, Music was necessary to survival, like breathing, often more sustaining and fulfilling than anything physical.  Music’s magical power mystified me, as it transformed me into someone else and transported me to another place.  One particular song, “Through the Glass”, offered me tremendous comfort growing up in a dysfunctional home.  Susan Werner understood the pain of loving people whose addictions caused them to disappear a little more every day.  She articulated the helpless feeling synonymous with witnessing Loved ones self destructing, wondering why God was taking so long to intervene.  She gave me permission to set boundaries and let go with Love, knowing God was, is, and will be the only One to ever save those lost in the dark.

Recently, I discovered something distressing about someone I once cared deeply for, and if I’m really honest, still care for, and I will most likely always Love in one way or another.  This person profoundly changed my life and inspired me to become the person I am today, and he is destroying himself inside out through addiction, “Leaving Las Vegas” style.  Demons long waging war are winning with a vengeance. For those who may be unfamiliar, addiction affects the individual and his/her family, friends, coworkers, and anyone having extended contact with the individual.  People often separate into two categories, either enabling the individual or giving up completely, and either way, the person in crisis continues to spiral further into oblivion.  I appreciate now that God, knowing my tender heart, removed this person from my life because the self-destruction was inevitable, saving me from watching one more person I Love being swallowed whole by the darkness.

Knowledge breeds growth and understanding and a different vantage point.  While reaching out to this person may be more enabling than empowering, I recognize something important.  Somehow, I believe in people when the world has given up on them.  Somehow, I see redeeming qualities when no one else does.  Somehow, as my dear sister so eloquently reminds me, I find rainbows in mud puddles.  For years, this very quality confused me and created tremendous heartbreak in my life.  The last several years have offered me some wonderful teachers with profound insight, guiding me in deeper self-awareness.  Love requires no action because it already is, and allowing Love to flow through me is the best I can ever do or be.  I cannot do this alone, though in asking God to order my steps, Love flows, even in the most challenging situations.

Today, I choose to Love through the glass.  I choose to focus only on the light inside everyone – to see and celebrate the good and let the rest go.  I choose to believe every person is a student and teacher both.  I choose to believe we are all created by God from Love; therefore, we are all One in Love with God inside us.  I hold the possibility that anyone and everyone can be anything they desire believing dreams really do come true.  I nurture the vision of blessings, healing, health, joy, and truth for every being on the planet, and I see us all stepping into the beautiful people we are all meant to be, living our best lives and affecting positive change in all whom we encounter.  I continue to believe in Love and the starlight inside everyone.  I bear witness to your true colors – amazing, beautiful, talented, wonderful You.  Even if no one understands or others are not prepared to stand with me, I am standing.  I invite you join me as I light an inextinguishable candle in the darkness.  I ask God order my steps.  I am God’s Child.  I am Love.  I am Light.  I am Music.  I am Me.  I believe in You, in Me, in Music, in Love, and in God.  Thank You, God, it’s a wonderful life.

©2010 Susan Stackpole

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