– allow resolution
– conduit for clarity, divine wisdom, healing, and peace
– facilitate self-awareness
– identify core issues
– provide closure
– quiet mental chatter
– nurture deeper spiritual connection
– processes grief

*clients include: individuals desiring greater self awareness and spiritual connection, individuals seeking closure, direction, and guidance, parents seeking help communicating with children assisting with behavioral and health issues, etc.


  • Performance – Results

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  • TalentLed

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  • Creative – Innovation & Inspiration

– establish and implement strong empowering beliefs
– leverage your uniqueness to experience joy and success
– maximize your talent to create a rewarding life prospering through living your passion
– shift procrastination into productivity
– transform obstacles into opportunities

*clients include:  actors, artists, authors, chefs, comedians, dancers, directors, filmmakers, musicians, producers, screenwriters, etc.

  • Business – Efficiency & Expansion

– achieve extraordinary results in record time with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, success blueprint
– develop leadership skills and teamwork cooperation
– identify and engage key resources to supercharge your success
– integrate key components for ultimate synergy
– gain profits with business efficiency strategies
– maximize effectiveness by fully utilizing core strength
– motivate and increase individual performance
– nurture and grow healthy and productive work environment
– utilize business efficiency analysis to maximize productivity

*clients include:  business organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Life­ – Personal Growth & Development

– create financial abundance
– develop greater self-awareness
– discover the power of proactive choices
– eliminate mental and physical clutter to create good health and abundance
– establish healthy boundaries and communication
– grow peace and success in all areas of your life
– understand and live your purpose

*clients include: individuals desiring greater joy and self-awareness, seeking their true purpose, and transitioning into a new phase of life

  • Health – Emotional, Financial, Mental, Physical, Spiritual

– develop an easy-to-follow plan for overall health and well-being
– engage the power of your subconscious mind for ultimate health, joy, and peace
– love your whole Self
– operate at peak performance level
– peacefully transition through change
– understand and honor messages from the body

*clients include:  individuals healing of addiction, career shift, disorder, divorce, grief, health issues, identity crisis, life challenges, paparazzi,  relationship, transition, etc,

  • Relationship – Children, Couples, Family, Singles, Parents, Teens

– create a happy, healthy family
– develop healthy family boundaries
– integrate adopted and foster children
– maintain effective communication
– learn to speak your partner’s and/or children’s love language
– successfully navigate contemporary family issues

*clients include:  at-risk teens, families in crisis, families desiring a more harmonious family environment, teens seeking life direction, adopted and foster children

  • Coaching Info

What coaching is…

– individualized insightful observation of one’s abilities, actions, attitudes, beliefs, and choices
– guidance in shifting one’s awareness nurturing new empowering perspectives
– leveraging one’s strengths in achieving success and creating a healthy, joyful, prosperous life
– recognizing circumstances and emotions as blessings and opportunities for success
– strategically utiliizing one’s energy and thoughts in living one’s dreams, goals, and true purpose
– grounding in self-Love while enriching and nurturing relationship with self, others, and The Almighty Creator

How coaching differs from therapy…

– coaching creates a core, energetic shift freeing clients to enjoy healthy behaviors and mindsets
– coaching empowers clients to recognize lessons and possibilities in every situation
– coaching guides clients in passionate living their unique purpose and feeling deeply fulfilled in all areas of life
– coaching helps clients develop a peaceful foundation while staying present
– coaching nurtures a proactive champion mentality versus a blaming victim mentality
– coaching supports clients in discovering, exploring, and celebrating their inner divine wisdom
– coaching teaches clients the tools to manifesting and receiving their desires
– coaching uses emotions as educators offering tools for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth

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