Stand Up for L☮ve

“I am determined to see things differently means

I am willing to see God everywhere.”

~ A Course in Miracles ~


Do You ever wonder why some people live like paupers and others like royalty?  Why do some people have seemingly perfect lives while others appear to struggle to make it through the day?  Is it the lottery of life where random selections makes some born winners and others born losers?  Is it a divine choice where God/J predetermines the lives we have in our human bodies?  Are we all puzzle pieces designed to fit intricately together to form a magnificent tapestry?  Perhaps it is a bit of everything.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Teilhard de Chardin ~


What if we choose our path, our purpose, our destiny in this world?  What if we have an executive meeting while still in our spiritual state in which we collaborate with God/J for our journey on earth?  What if, prior to our arrival, we share with God/J our objectives for lessons we would like to learn that can only be experienced through a human body?  What if our demography, physicality, and relationships are all constructed to help us understand that which we most desire to learn?  What if life is happen for us rather than to us?

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you.

Everything happens at exactly the right moment,

neither too soon nor too late.”

~ Byron Katie ~


Many wise spiritual gurus advocate that we do indeed choose our path in our physical body.  We make a series of choices that lead us to earth remembering little, if nothing, of our pre-human existence.  God/J provides us with a direct connection to Him via our conscience, intuition, and prayer, so we can dial in when we would like assistance in making appropriate choices.  God/J is a gentleman and only comes in when we ask for help and otherwise leaves us to our own devices.

“God created the law of free will, and God created the law of cause and effect.

And he himself will not violate the law. We need to be thinking less in terms of what God did

and more in terms of whether or not we are following those laws.”

~ Marianne Williamson ~

I used to believe the theory of “free will” of choosing our lives on this earth was absolutely ridiculous.  Who, after all, would choose to live in a third world country scavenging garbage dumps to feed their children versus living in a mansion with gourmet meals prepared by a personal chef?  Who would choose to be abandoned, addicted, or bullied versus being in loving, nurturing relationships?  Who would choose to struggle to survive versus receiving easily and thriving?   The question of choice marinaded in my mind for years, and the answer gestated until I was mature enough to receive it.

“Perfect love drives out fear.”

~ 1 John 4:18 ~


Love.  Love is the answer.  Love is always the answer.  Every situation involving suffering is an opportunity to share Love.  It provides an environment for us to engage our very core, recognizing that essentially we are all the same.  We desire to be heard, to be loved, to matter, and to make a difference in the world.  Those who have less, who experience unspeakable things, those whose lives are unrecognizable after being turned upside down and inside out provide us with the opportunity to give the best of ourselves.  Every person, relationship, and situation is an opportunity to Love with the purest of hearts, giving for the joy of it without asking anything in return.

“Well, in Whoville they say that

the Grinch’s small heart

grew three sizes that day.”

~ Dr. Seuss ~

The time has come for us to graduate and put into action what we know while continuing to grow and learn.  Our greatest teachers, like Oprah Winfrey, are confident that we are ready, that we have the appropriate skills and tools to be our best selves in every circumstance.  The time has come for us to fill ourselves to overflow that we might share our blessings with others.  Time to celebrate all of our God-given gifts and talents and to employ them to their fullest capacity in service to others.  Time to lend our angel wings to those whose wings are still growing.  Time to claim our destinies, make our dreams reality, and live our truest purposes, and in so doing, shine our light even more brightly into the world.  Time to exchange our old stories for The Truth, to trade being victims for being victorious.   The time has come for borders to be dissolved, for differences to be set aside, and for us to join together to raise everyone up.  Time to go where there is only a path and leaving a trail.  Time to use every resource to become our best selves. Time to make mature choices and respond versus react.  Time to flex our spiritual muscles by choosing Love as our only response even when ego desires to indulge in separation instead of unity.  Time to stop talking and start being and doing.  Time to be the change we wish to see in the world.  Time to look into one another’s eyes and see a reflection of ourselves, of God, and of Peace.  Time to trade fear for Love so that Love to is the anthem beating in the heart of every living being on the planet.  Time to stand up for Love.

“To love another person is

to see the face of God.”

~ Victor Hugo ~

I am, in my own life, standing up for Love.  Has it brought with it evil attacks?  Yes Does it bring with it many opportunities for growth?  Yes.  Does it require help?  Always.  It requires, for me, a submission of myself to something I know is greater than I can ever be on my own.  I, on my own, am tempted to respond sarcastically or fight fire with fire.    I have found strength in asking God/J to work through me versus doing it on my own.  God/J is not Who He is so often made out to be.  He so desires for us to know He cherishes each of us individually, that each and everyone one of us is His Favorite.  The majestic blessings He has for us sometimes require wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, which requires a whole lot of faith and trust on our part.  We can be and do more in direct proportion to our willingness to open a space inside ourselves and submit to God’s Will for our life.  He always, always, always has grander dreams for us than we have for ourselves.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,

it became a butterfly.”

~ Anonymous ~


Diamonds are created by pressure.  Iron is forged by fire.  Pearls are born from the oysters’ irritations.  Stone is polished by the raging waters.  Miracles are born through Love.  We are made stronger and wiser by our life experiences.  The more massive the circumstance, the more magnificent the forthcoming blessing.  The key is, like the caterpillar, trusting the gestation process.  It may seem like the world as You know it is falling away, which may be so.  It may be that your closest relationships dissolve regardless of anything You do.  It may be that precious things in your life are washed away.  Your automobile, career, clothes, house, and relationships are not who You are, they are things gifted to You on your journey.  Who You are is God’s BeLoved, and nothing can change that fact.  Everything in your life can fall away, and God/J has a plan for your life.  He has a plan and is simply awaiting your permission to begin working in your life.  God/J is Love, and Love always wins, even if it takes some time.  Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep trusting, and keep loving.

“The quickest way to feel better in any circumstance is

to help someone else, and in so doing,

you find your blessing and purpose.”

~ Anonymous ~

I am standing up for Love.  Will You please join me?



©2011 Susan Stackpole

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