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The Power of Self-Worth

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Susan Stackpole

Susan Stackpolerenaissance woman, self growth coach, results expert, and entertainer.  Susan    specializes in assisting individuals in achieving extraordinary results through heightened self-awareness.

Susanthe celebrity coach™ helps celebrities and unique individuals worldwide live their best lives.  She is a firm believer of the starlight inside everyone.  Susan teaches people to maximize potential and engage “star power” to shine brightly and “live the dream”.

Susanactress, model, radio personality, and singer/songwriter. She has worked in print-ads, feature films, and musical productions. She is currently performing and working on original material for her first album.

Susan – hosts the weekly LIVE radio program, YOUnique! Life Starring YOU! , which broadcasts to over 100 nations.  Susan interviews dynamic experts who reveal secrets to manifesting destiny in style.

Susan – mentors “at-risk” youth with I Could Be. She is passionate about inspiring children, tweens, teens, and adults and helping them recognize their own brilliance.

“Love Rules. Be True. Be You.” ~ Susan Stackpole

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