“I’ve got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring?”

~ Chuck Noland, Castaway ~

Do you enjoy films? I do. Very much. I especially savor movies that magically transport me to another world entirely. Amazingly, I seem to learn the most about myself in films that are far-removed from my reality, perhaps because my brain relaxes and views life from a broader perspective. The walls disintegrate, and the silly rules behind which I hide to protect myself from the illusion of fear dissolve. I dance gleefully in the garden of possibilities delighting in the luscious trees ripe for harvest. I swim freely in the ocean of peace as sunshine glistens upon me as if to say, “It’s alright.” My dreams transform into glittering stars frolicking upon an infinite ebony canvas basking in the moon’s radiance. I am transported, enthralled, and empowered by the sheer force of the human will’s survival instinct. I am inspired as determination, perseverance, and persistence emanate. My heart, much like The Grinch’s, grows exponentially as Love, once again, is the catalytic for miracles with a dual existence as both a reason to hang on and to let go. I am transported, transformed, and renter my body renewed and refreshed with greater insight into myself and deeper wisdom about life.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged

to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

~ Nelson Mandela ~

Castaway is the story of Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, who is stranded on a desert island …for years. The story profiles the strength and innovation of the human spirit to keep pressing forward, or as Chuck says, the determination to “keep breathing”. His journey is one of courage, determination, vulnerability, and total self reliance sans modern conveniences and expert input. Chuck’s return to “normal” life is particularly striking as he finds himself lost in places that were once comfortable and familiar. “Home” and “Self” become question marks as he searches within and outside of himself to rediscover and redefine his life.

“Who am I?” “Where is home?” are two questions Castaway offers for viewers to answer for themselves, taking it a step further, inquiring, “Who would you be, and how would you define home if your world was suddenly turned upside down?” Chuck’s character is a metaphor for every person on the planet. Everyone is lost in one sense or another and searching for self and home. All people are wayward travelers plucked from the ether and gifted with the opportunity to experience the journey to self. Self is discovered through the mirrors of relationships infused in every facet of life. Every living being in existence begins with a seed, an individual blueprint, guiding it to grow into unique creation, a watermelon, a tree, an animal, a person, etc.. The primary purpose of life then becomes one of “being” in which on comes to know self .

“Fabulous, Rich, and Homeless” a television show on Planet Green, profiled several prominent, successful, wealthy social figures as they voluntarily became homeless. The arduous experiment revealed surprising results, and the participants almost unanimously cited the issue’s root stems largely from missing identity and no sense of community. It suggests a primary definition of “self” and “home”, even artificial, is crucial in developing the confidence. curiosity, and stability from which to springboard and further explore and expand one’s self-awareness.  True freedom is when one recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings, which reveals that one’s sense of self and home are ultimately however one chooses to define them independent of external circumstances.

What if we recognize we are all castaways searching for ourselves on our journey home? What if we encouraged, inspired, and uplifted one another? How would our attitudes and behaviors change if we viewed every person as a cherished friend and trusted travel companion? Would we be more open-minded and understanding toward one another? Would we be more willing to help others? Would Love unite us as one big family by celebrating our diversity as beautiful threads weaving the world’s magnificent tapestry?

I declare myself a “castaway”. I am casting away anxiety, apprehension, doubt, fear, hesitation, and judgment of others and replacing it with adventure, exploration, joy, kindness, and Love. I am casting away living as a human doing and choosing instead to live as a human being. I am releasing preconceived notions of who I think I am supposed to be and instead acting as The Creator’s Beloved. I am nurturing that special seed inside me that “knows” allowing it to grow into what it was destined to be while praising the glorious journey on which it has brought me. I am forgoing shrinking in fear and instead opening my heart in Love as a conduit for manifesting a magnificent masterpiece. I am casting away my yesterdays and tomorrows and celebrating the blessings and miracles in this moment. Here’s to doing less and being more, to knowing “self” and “home” are a choice, and to casting away fear to live in Love.

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